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About Us

Our Mission

We save farmers money and provide them with peace of mind.


We do this by providing an on farm solution that helps farmers monitor and manage the farm. Our solution doesn't rely on the internet and allows farmers to economically use hundreds of sensors and actuators if they want to. Our platform allows farmers to bring all of the information together in one place which enables better decisions. 


Our mission is to challenge the status quo by bringing strong software development capability to the agriculture sector.​​


Australian Farm Data Code

The National Farmers Federation has developed and adopted a code by which farmers can evaluate the policies of providers. We support this code, which is known as The Australian Farm Data Code.


In summary, we believe that the farmer owns their data, they decide whether to consent to the sharing of their data and they should profit from any sharing of their data. Furthermore, data is encrypted during its transmission and where it is stored both on-farm and within our data centers.

Please contact us to enquire further about the collection, use, storage, security, and sharing of farm data.


The Farmify team

Mark Ritchie
Farmer and Senior Advisor

Mark and his wife Fenella have been running the family grazing enterprise on Delatite Station, Mansfield since 1990. They operate on 2,600 ha running two enterprises, a self-replacing flock of fine wool merinos and a self-replacing, spring calving herd of Angus cows.


Mark holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in computing and since coming back on the farm he and Fenella have run a profitable business based on an ability to identify risks and develop management strategies to deal with them, whilst continually focusing on the main goal of improving productivity through evidence-based decision making and the adoption of new technology.


Mark has a strong interest in raising the profile of agriculture in order to attract the brightest minds "back to the farm" and sees the introduction of new technology as crucial to achieving that goal.

Tina Griffin-Hunt
Co-founder/ CEO   |   @tinajhunt

Tina has over 28 years experience working in the areas of management, marketing, communications and community and client engagement. Tina holds a Bachelor of Arts (Comms) as well as a Graduate Certificate of Business and has worked with various companies including The Australian Ballet, Opera Australia, Global Television and Cancer Council NSW.


Tina grew up in the country and spent most of her childhood at various rural locations. She has a passion for the country and is relishing the opportunity to work in the Agriculture sector again. Tina is also passionate about encouraging sustainable practices in order to minimise our impact on the earth’s health. At Titan Class, Tina is working with farmers to maximise farm efficiency thereby encouraging increased sustainability in the agriculture sector.

Christopher Hunt
Co-founder/ CTO   |   @huntchr

Christopher is an experienced and world-class software engineer. Christopher is passionate, social and energetic. He understands what is required in order to build and run a distributed software engineering organisation with Lightbend Inc. having been an exemplary model.​


Christopher has worked with Silicon Valley firms and startups with the most recent including Lightbend and VMware and specialises in the engineering of distributed systems.

Jason Longshore
Software Engineer   |   @longshorej9

Jason is an accomplished software engineer with a specialty in systems programming. He's spent the majority of his career working with customers to help control their health care costs through the effective use of technology.

Having worked recently with Christopher at Lightbend Inc, Jason is helping forward the Titan Class mission of empowering the agricultural sector through the use of resilient technology and software.

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