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Titan Class defeats the tyranny of distance for farmers

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The @The Australian national newspaper ran an article on us today! The headline of "Titan Class defeats the tyranny of distance for farmers" is certainly how we feel!

The article is a paywall, so here are a few tidbits that really captures what we are doing:

"Agtech start-up Titan Class is looking to eliminate the connectivity problems faced by farms across Australia, leveraging Cisco’s prowess in networks to help farmers use the digital technology at their disposal."

"The reality when you go speak to farmers is that they don’t have the connectivity, they want to use new technology but they just can’t connect," he [Christopher Hunt] said.

"With Titan offering farmers a way to corral all of their sensor data in one place, Mr Hunt said the solution could play a critical role in decision-making. “When you give farmers ­access to the data more easily, they look at it more often; instead of three or four times a week, they check in three or four times a day, and what that means is they can jump on a problem really quickly."

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