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ICT Soil Moisture Sensor
  • ICT Soil Moisture Sensor


    A soil moisture sensor package from ICT International. The SNiP-EP8 is a 'Sensor Node Integrated Package' for LoRaWAN or CAT-M1 communication of real-time soil moisture measurements for continuous soil monitoring. A soil moisture probe (in this case 80cm in length) and solar panel are included in this package. 


    EnviroPro sensors provide a measurement of Volumetric Soil Water content % (VSW) at 10cm intervals based on capacitance technology, along with soil temperature.



    • Further Information

      EnviroPro® sub-surface Soil Probes have been carefully engineered to be accurate, long-life, maintenance-free instruments suitable for all soil types. Their design employs clever techniques to correctly compensate moisture measurements for variations in salinity, as well as compensating moisture and salinity measurements for temperature variations, something not observed in any competitor probes. The EnviroPro soil probes also come in 40cm. 120cm & 160cm lengths.

      • Sensors located at 10cm vertical intervals
      • Easy installation.
      • Suitable for all crop root depths
      • Facilitates fertiliser optimisation
      • Set-and-forget maintenance free
      • Temperature-compensated measurements
      • Salinity-compensated moisture measurements
      • Designed and made in Australia
      • 5 year warranty
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